Anton Volchenkov: The A-Train Rolls Into Newark

Requiring eight stitches. He was sidelined for 12 games until his return to the ice against the Rangers on November 5.

“I just fixed my nose over the summer. I tried to be maybe a little more better looking,” he laughed. “I’ll probably fix it when my career is done.”

When asked if he feels compelled to shy away from a shot after an injury, Volchenkov just shrugged. “Maybe you look back a little bit,” he allowed, “but after you play, you forget everything and just try to help the team win games. You forget the injuries from before and just try to play hard.”

His injury amnesia is just another element of what makes Volchenkov such an immovable defensive force. Since his return to the ice, Volchenkov is back to playing the same unyielding defense as he did before: aggressive, physical, and completely unfazed by the potential threat of injury.

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