Canucks Heating Up, Samuelsson Part of Top 5 Reasons Why

Jason Botchford The Province March 12, 2010


You couldn’t help but wonder if somewhere Team Sweden head coach Bengt Ake Gustafsson was

watching Mikael Samuelsson’s elsson’s dynamic performance and muttering the name Mattias Weinhandl under his breath during the past few games. Gustafsson chose to go with Weinhandl over Samuelsson at the Olympics and it cost him. Now, head coach Alain Vigneault faces his own dilemma. What long-term impact will it have on his team by keeping Samuelsson with the twins?

and the Sedins have been terrific together, but the reunited Ryan Kesler and Alex Burrows have not.

The greatest strength of the Canucks this season has been the depth and consistency of their top six forwards.

They’ve had two lines all season which have pressured, produced and created off the rush. Separately, Kesler and Burrows have been a huge part of it.

They have been at their best apart, on lines surrounded by creative playmakers.

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