Devils’ Ilya Kovalchuk: Any GM or owner would like to have this roster

If the Devils start the regular season with a 20-man roster, they’ll still be one of the strongest teams in the league.

At least that is how Ilya Kovalchuk sees it.

“I think any GM or owner would like to have this kind of roster,” Kovalchuk said today. “But it’s not about names. It’s about achievement and hard work. There are a lot of examples where a team was really strong on paper and they never did anything.”

He is ready for the regular season to begin and excited it is only two days away.

“Real excited. You need the exhibition games to get into game shape and get some chemistry between each other, but we’re all preparing for the season. It’s going to be a special season for us because of the roster we have, the coaching staff and all the changes. I think we’re moving in the right direction.”

This will be Kovalchuk’s first full season with the Devils. He arrived Feb. 4 last season in the trade from Atlanta.

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