For Sweden’s Oscar Lindberg, Preparation and Toughness Key to Success at WJC

Oscar Lindberg, along with Martin Lundberg and Max Carlson has become one of the crowd favorites in Skellefteå Kraft Arena. But during the Christmas and New Year is a great risk that the trio split. Oscar is very topical for the Junior World Championships in Buffalo.

Junior World Cup squad is out on a week.

Adam Larson and Tim Erixon , of course, abandoned as they were last year.
Oscar Lindberg also feels like a natural choice for J-20 bass Roger Rönnberg.

– I’ve got plenty of confidence in recent matches. So I of course hope that the site, “says Oscar.

Though it is well with the little twin emotions you stand as the elite series continues?

– It is true. But while this is my only chance in life to play the Junior World Championships. So it feels great on my sites.

Run extra

In the case of Skellefteå AIK as Oscar always one of those who stay longest on the ice. At the training yesterday, he was the very end. Oscar drove through some extra stopping and starting, although the ice maker entered the rink.

Does it feel great to train as serieledare even if only half the season is played?

– Exactly, and that’s where we’ll try to be.

How about your season so far?

– We have had good flow in the chain and the game has worked well in many matches. I myself have for example not made as many goals as I had hoped. But you need to keep working, then the targets also.

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