Meet The Players: Mikael Samuelsson

The Vancouver Sun April 22, 2010

He moved to North America in 2000 to join the San Jose Sharks organization. After one year there, he moved on in fairly rapid succession to play for the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Florida Panthers and Detroit Red Wings in that order. said laughing. He added that Sandra makes great lasagna and lots of good Swedish food as well.

He has few dislikes but is easily rattled in traffic. He likes to cut through it.

He is also a man who stands for social justice. When he sees unfair treatment of people both on and off the ice, “that rattles me too.”

Mikael Samuelsson is married to Sandra who is from his native Sweden. He has two kids -4½-year-old William and 2½-year-old Stina. They live in Shaughnessy.

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