Mikael Samuelsson’s Top 5 Goals in a Vancouver Canucks unifrom

Via The Vancouver Sun Sports Blog – Pass it to Bullis

The dude could play, and he scored some meaningful goals in a Canucks uniform. Here are his five best.

He was recently traded to the Florida Panthers.

———————- 5 ———————-

This goal features two elements I can always, always get behind. The first is wizardous sedinerie, as Henrik Sedin threads this puck to Daniel at the side of the net, and Daniel pulls it around his check and goes cross-crease to Samuelsson. The second element is a ridiculous goal celebration. If you can’t get behind Samuelsson’s robo-dad fist pumps, you have no soul.

———————- 4 ———————-

Samuelsson went off in the first round of the 2010 playoffs, scoring seven huge goals in five games versus the Los Angeles Kings. This was one of his best, an off-balance one-timer on a Sedin rush to put the Canucks up 4-1 in a game 5 they would win 7-2. His post-goal roar is the shout of a happy man.

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