MVM: Most Valuable Moose, Hedberg Continues To Look Strong

Still some fight, life left in Thrashers after 6-3 win over Sens
Bill Tiller AJC March 19 2010

Johan Hedberg faced 39 shot on his goal…and one to his jaw when Jarkko Ruutu knocked him over in the crease chasing the loose puck. The play resulted in one peeved Moose as the goalie had to be held back from trying to…ahem…discuss the matter with referee Stephane Auger.

“He couldn’t get back to the net and was elbowed in the face”, coach John Anderson quipped after the game. “Other than that, the ref said it was a good hockey goal”.

As the play happened, I couldn’t help but remember a goal that was disallowed last week that would have tied the game against Nashville. The refs waived it off because it was ruled Armstrong …no, it was Thorburn…interfered with the keeper, not allowing him to play the puck. But that play was nowhere near as egregious as this one.

With the win, Hedberg moved his season record to 18-13-52.69 GAA and .914 SV%.

I ask you, where would we be without the Moose right now? I’ll tell you where we wouldn’t be…we wouldn’t be just 3 points away from the playoffs with 12 games left to play, that’s for sure.

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