Radulov and Morozov Part of KHL Line That Brings Back Memories of 1972 Soviet Kid Line

Nice piece by Joe Pelletier at Greatest Hockey Legends.com refuting the criticism regarding KHL player’s on the Russian national team. Pelletier believes that the Russian’s have one of the deepest lines in years, and the result could lead to Olympic gold.

“Many of them (I won’t name names, although there is one popular Team 1040 Vancouver radio host I would love to call out) will try telling you that KHL players are the weakness on the team and will lead to their downfall. They are not the same caliber as Russian NHLers left off the team with the name of Alexander Frolov from Los Angeles most commonly mentioned. That 4th line of NHL unknowns in particular is weak.

Wrong. Wrong! WRONG!

Fedorov needs no introduction. He will be the versatile forward and veteran leader this team needs. Radulov is yet another a pure sniper, like the Russians lack that. And Kozlov, well I don’t know anyone who is a big fan of him, but he does provide a big body presence that they will need against Canada.”

Then there is the KHL’s greatest line of Zaripov, Zinoviev and Morozov. It doesn’t take a lot of research to find out what these three have accomplished together. They may appear to be Russia’s 4th line, but in reality they are 4th offensive juggernaut. And since most of us have never seen them in action, they are a true surprise attack. I especially like Zinoviev, who is a classic Russian centerman, elegant and economical, excellent defensively and at distributing the puck.”

To view Joe’s piece in its entirety, please visit this link.